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Hello again! Why did I make this site? No reason, except that I enjoyed other neocities sites, and thought it would be fun. I don't know why I called it Trash Paradise, or why my usernames for everything are VenusFlyTrash. I just like how it sounds. I like the 2000s vibes, and gained most of my inspo from geocities sites, even tho Trash Paradise doesn't really look like one of them.

Also, have no idea what the future plans for my site are, but I want to keep it pretty simple (becuz im lazy and don't want to learn more HTML ;D). I'm more concerned with just chillin and adding gifs. I LUV GIFS! I also make a lot of pages of just other people's pictures (like one giant moodboard), but I wanna start adding my own content soon. I'm gonna try to post more of my art; the Dr.Phil drawings are just shitposts, but honestly, I'm kinda shy about showing my art. Whatever, I'm anonymous. Anyways, hope you like my site. I love you.

frog thank you frog

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