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border border border - The only place for Myspace icons, Orkut avatars, and profile codes bunny innocent hot topic hello kitty thats hot found you bad kitty napoleon dynamite avril dolphin take me as i am crying mean girls princess bunny ring crunk carebear nasty loving it sexy playboy poke and die rainbow girls wanna have fun do you want me girly tummy screen name babe pain whats this bullshit sexy inside life is random better day diet coke music happy ending guitar pretty emo tequila milkshake pedro idiot drink jackass hot hate you trippy broken bring it on fuck you rock on mistake posers mushrooms punk kitty omg slipknot braclets give you my heart you hate me listen to heart penis tubby custard shoes barney mcdonalds clippy ipod music breakfast club alone angel fairies exist angel magic fairy tales evil inside vampire skeleton playboy chococat meow mystical blonde gay purse grow up blonde bite it bling pink despising kiss my ass cinnamoroll hello kitty emo spongebob laptop dolphin planets socks whore be my nothing bear
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