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I love christmas a lot! I'll probably keep this up all year, even though this is just a bunch of crappy X-mas gifs. Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!! :)

house house laughing santa window polarbear skating beaver tree bear globe santa globe cat candy cane santa in sleigh tree santa dont forget me pooh bear snowy house 3 reindeer bugs bunny trees and snowmen candy cane santa and snowman tree christmas house snowman stairs angel bear iceskating train livingroom window and fence bells and wreath jesus teddy's spot box dog fireplace toys waving snowman kevin screaming jesus and mary bear wreath santa sleigh charlie brown instrument man walking tree toys jumping santa reindeer winking palm tree choir mail box milk and cookies bear choir living room garfield north pole snowing town town choir tree charlie brown tree globe garfield santa merry christmas tree sleigh brown house seasons greetings house sleigh house snowman scene ornaments cabin snow church toy soldier snow church christmas deer santa waving st snowman christmas cat betty boop christmas seizure pikachu cardinal bunny in stocking elf on computer