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None of these are mine. I found them on archieved geocities sites. Enjoy!

Might take a few seconds to load. If some don't load, refresh the page :)

glitter orange wings spooky purple wings moon cloud blue wings gun group latex redhead flames genie color change blue dress bee naked cry genie waitress witch kiss bandana black moon animated fairy alien schoolgirls plaid skirt dragonfly wings schoolgirl bitch lingerie watermelon goth white hair blue witch floating book pigtales zero nin plaid pants colored hair baggy moon blonde hippie patch pants weed red hair guitar flower binkini pet shop goth centaur brunette purple guitar blue fairy butterfly purple fairy handcuffs red handcuffs pink lingerie goth pink panther playboy bunny greek egyptian doilooklike pheonix phone lisa frank puff jacket orange fairy blue dress fairy gap leopard fairy cigarette reject corner no nazis green hair brunette british yellow checkers taurus mcdonalds sabrina hotdog blue mermaid woodland witch 60s juicy dreads pink hat heart ripped jeans pastel gif blue dress mask drink garfield lol eyes camera red playboy red ponytail adidas pants rolling stones phone rainbow trick or treat wink lonely ying yang fairy swing goth moon goth gothinside goth goth personally dollzareawesome adidas scene pink scene balloon

Dollz with backgrounds

rainbow highschool playboy mermaid fairy sea gun star rainbow anarchy glasses goth goth cat rose cloak ying yang hippie afro glasses playboy red fairy glasses punk red hair colored pants heels punk clown daria daria friends clueless clueless breakfast club josie parental advisory did i say line madonna scene scene 2