unicorn unicorn


2019/9/6-----Last night, my dream felt very real. I was laying in bed and I saw the bathroom light turn on outside my room. I thought my dad was in there, so i tried to sleep. However, I couldn't; I felt like someone was watching me. I looked over my covers and saw a shadow figure with a buffalo skull face. I didn't feel scared, just uneasy and confused. I hid under my covers and coudln't move. That was the only time I saw the figure in my dream. I tried to turn on my bedside light, then my bedroom light. None of them would turn on, even when they perviously worked. I went to the kitchen to turn on the light but it also didnt work! The only light that worked in the entire house was the bathroom light. I called out for my dad but he didnt answer. I was scared so I jumped into bed; i felt like the man in the bathroom wasnt my dad. I was laying under my covers for a while until I decided to listen to music. Once it started playing, my dad called out my name. When i turned off my phone, the music wouldnt stop playing...it sounded like an east indian bollywood song! the song was quietly playing in my brain and it wouldnt stop. Then, I heard my mom call my name in my room. She then started pulling my blanket off my body! I'm not exaggerating when I say IT FELT SO REAL! It actually felt like my mom was pulling my blankets. I woke up panting and acting freaked out, it was the most realistic dream I've had in a while.

2019/8/15-----In my dream, Mr.Noodles (my dog) was either missing or dead. My family and I went to a park near our house to look for another dog to adopt. In the park, there was a giant field of dogs frolicking. It was fun to pet them but none of the dogs were as amazing as Mr.Noodles, so I started to cry. My dad and I started to fight (i dont remember about what) and I ended up having a tantrum. I kept repeating sentences, shaking my body, and acting really weird. Then I woke up.

IRL, I went to the corner store when it was dark to get pop and then went to the same park right after. I was the only one there and I felt like I was being watched. I kept my guard on because I was getting really weird vibes! I've gone to that park at night before and I was fine... then I remembered my dream and left right after. I'm probably just paranoid but the dream was odd and I thought maybe it meant something??? :o I'm just a lil wimpy, that's all :')

2019/1/14-----My friends and I were sitting at a table, when Ezra Miller came up to us. He talked to us about how most human races would perish due to an alien invasion, and the humans that would be favored by the aliens would be those that live in Phoenix, AZ/ people that listened to death metal. He seemed evil, so I tried to get him to leave. I pushed him and hit him, but nothing worked; he didn't budge. I climed on to his neck (with all fours) , and latched onto his neck, like a sloth. He laughed at my attempts to make him leave. Then, I remember walking down a flight of stairs from my house. But my house was floating in space (so I assume the aliens already took over). I walked down until I was on the surface, which looked like a small town in Alberta. Then, this man invited me, my dad, and a few other people to tour Satans lair. I think Satan was behind the evil alien invasion. First, we entered a really fancy house, but found ourselves at a plain white door. When the tour guid opened an invited us to see Satan, we were in a room with a white, misty lake, dark blue walls, and a big radio in the back of the room. Satan was sleeping, facing away from us. He looked like a giant white dog. Someone stepped on a candy wrapper, which woke him up. He didn't know his room was being toured, so he was furious! I was lucky enough to run away before he killed me, but sadly, he killed my dad and a few other people. I ran out of the fancy house, and into a garbage bin. Satan was already out on the steets, causing mayhem. After he passed by me, I ran a few more streets down, until I saw my IRL friend also hiding in a trash bin. We both talked for a bit, and I told her "my family died, but it's okay. I'll see them after my dream is over." Shortly after, a huge, round alien ship hovered over our town. Then, I remember finding myself INSIDE the alien ship, where I said hello to some of the aliens passing by. Apperently, they destroyed the evil aliens, and came to earth to help us. The end.

2019/1/9-----My friend was complimenting me. He was telling me I had really nice eyelashes and hair. He told me I was really pretty. But then he said that everyone has something ugly about them. I asked him what was ugly about me. He told me my nose was too big. I wasn't offended because my nose isn't something I'm insecure about, but I felt stunned. That's all, folks :)

2019/1/5-----2 Nights ago, I dreamt that a bomb was going to hit my city, and my family was evacuating. I told them I would stay behind, leave when I was ready, and just hide under my bed if the bomb hit (I guess that would protect me in my dream). They left, and I remember packing my backpack with clothes, being kinda picky over what I would bring. It wasn't a good dream, but it wasn't a nightmare. Just odd. Last night, I dreamt I was riding a motorcycle. That's it.

2018/12/30-----I was in relgion class (which in my dream was a church), and I fell asleep. So my religion teacher woke me up, and told me to step outside to get a glass of water. When I did so, I saw my crush in the halls (I don't actually know who he is irl). We flirted for a bit, and we went outside to skip. I remember I had social class next, but I was still gonna go. Just as we were about to leave, we were outside school. My school looked like the back of my house irl. Then, one of my irl friends, Emma, texted me something like "Do you think you're so cool for skipping?" in kind of a taunting manner (she wouldn't do that irl). It freaked me out a bit. How did she know I was skipping? I only left for 5 minutes? I freaked out, apologized to my crush, and told him we would hang out some other time. Next, I found myself at home (not my real house). My mom and grandma were waiting for me, except they weren't related to my irl. They were asian (I'm white). Anyways, I don't remember what they talked to me about, but my grandma was saying some stuff to inspire me. All of a sudden, the police jumped out behind the walls, and arrested my grandma. She then turned into a demon, or something evil, and they directed her out of our house! She had a mouth with sharp teeth painted on her head, and it opened/closed. She was also bald, and was wearing black. Once they arrested her, I felt releieved. But then the police became demons; their teeth became sharp, and their eyes looked...weird. One female cop said "Which one of them do you want to have sex with?", directing it at me and my asian mom. Then, I remember being in my real house. My real mom put an egyptian coffin in our dining room (which held my real grandma from my dads side) and said hello to my grandma. I think my grandma responded by saying hello. It sounds creepy, but I didn't feel scared in my dream. I forgot a few things (cuz I don't really remember them), but that's it.

2018/12/28-----My dream last night was kinda realistic, but really pissed me off. I was inside a random Tim Hortons, and there were a bunch of noisy homeless people everywhere. It was kinda funny; they were all yelling. One guy kept saying "Hey! Kevin my man!" or something like that. Then, I bought a breakfast that had eggs, bacon, and toast (idk if that's even a real meal at Timmies). I was eating my eggs and toast, but then I realized I didn't get any bacon. I was a bit pissed, but I went to a lady who worked there, and told her. She was kinda gruff, has long greasy hair, and had a pretentious frown on her face. She refused to make me any bacon. So I sat down again, and a couple friends sat down next to me. I talked to the lady who worked there AGAIN, and she refused to make me bacon. At this point, I was mega pissed. Finally, I called my mom, and she came with me to talk to the lady together. The lady refused to make me bacon again, so I called her a fat dyke and gave her the finger. Then we left. I don't agree with body shaming, nor am I homophobic, but I spent $8 on that frickin breakfast. The end.